Beach Beanie 2017

beach beanie quince sparrow linen stripes

For my spring beach beanie 2017 I wanted something light in the colors of the sea, so I chose to knit the pattern: Put a Lid on It by Hannah Fettig with Quince & Co. Sparrow Linen yarn (100% Linen/Flax; 168 yards per  50 grams).

As I didn’t have dpns with me, I knit the hat flat (RS row = knit, WS row = purl) and sewed it together. Colors as follows, indicated in rows instead of rounds.

Color A: Juniper
Color B: Blue Spruce
Color C: Banyon
Color D: Eleuthera

Stripe Color repeat:
Starting with Color A (hat brim), knitting 6 rows
Color B: 4 rows
Color C: 3 rows
Color D: 2 rows
Color C: 3 rows
Color B: 4 rows





Repeat color repeat 3 times, ending with 6 rows of Color A (= ca. 8.5″ or 21 cm). Knit decreases as indicated in pattern only in Color A. Sew hat together according to your head size.


Feedback welcome

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