Sous Sous KAL – P1 or P1tbl, that is the question


After starting the lovely sweater from the Sous Sous KAL, I wondered, why the K1tbl (RS) are knit as “normal” purl stitches in the WS rows and not as P1tbl. I know from a different pattern, that normally the K1tbl are combined with their counterpart P1tbl and form a lovely “wheat” pattern this way.


(Click for full size)

I noticed that when I just purl those stitches in the back rows, my stitches get much more “irregular” and bumpy as when I knit P1tbl in WS. Here’s a pic to make clearer what I meant. The top (blue) lines show when I switched to p1tbl in the WS rows, the (red) bottom lines show when I knit p1 in the WS. Well… looks both kind of bumpy. Guess it’s also my knitting “style”. ;)

I asked the designer Norah Gaughan in the discussion forum, and she answered:

“Because I like the way it looks, twisted every other row. Frankly, I also like that it is easier to do. :)”


I agree that it might be easier, but my knitting looks very bumpy doing this, so I will stick to my “k1tbl (RS)/ p1tbl (WS)”-approach.

Edit: After posting the picture above on Ravelry, the designer suspected that my bumpy knitting is due to the different yarn I’m using. The pattern calls for MadelineTosh Merino and I’m using MadelineTosh Merino DK, which is a plied yarn in contrast to the single-ply version “Merino” by MadTosh. 


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